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What is this?

A collection of webpages about your Family Daycare.


How do I benefit?

Potential clients can get a feel for you and how you run your Family Daycare.



Provide information about your...

  • Curriculum
  • Hours
  • Rates
  • Policies
  • Menu
  • Daily Schedule


What's it gonna cost me?

$17 a month


Got any tips?

  • Start an ezine (email newsletter) to keep parents informed
  • Feature useful articles for parents 
  • Buy your own Domain Name (


Get more information

Internet Based Family - Super easy website builder - If you can click a mouse, you can build a website.



  • Tax-Deductible as an "Advertising Expense" (Discuss with your CPA)
  • Free! 10 Day Trial (Hosting included with purchase)

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