Advertise Your Daycare With Your Own Domain Name -


What is this?

Your website address.

Check out a great example of how you can easily redirect a purchased domain name to your current website at


How do I benefit?

  • It's a lot easier for potential clients to remember "" than ""
  • Adds to you professional image
  • Easier to verbalize
  • Looks better in print (business cards, stationery, car decals, etc.)



Include it on all of your printed materials.


What's it gonna cost me?

Less then $9 a year.


Got any tips?

  • Always go for a ".com" -  It will always be King, or should I say Queen?
  • Keep it short, simple, and easy to remember


Get more information

Godaddy - #1 Recommended Domain Registar



Tax-Deductible as an "Advertising Expense" (Discuss with your CPA)


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