"Hi Allison, I just want to say thank you so much for the tips you have been giving. I followed your advice to advertise on craigslist and I have been getting several calls since then. Other tips like advertising your business on t-shirts and wearing them as a uniform are things I have been considering prior to reading your article, but you have inspired me to do so even more. Thank you so much, and I will pass on your information to other child care providers, so that they can also benefit from your tips."



"Allison, Thank you so much for your marketing ideas, keep them coming!"


Suffolk, Va


"Hello Allison, You have a great website! Good ideas that you have so that providers can use your service to market themselves"

~Iris, California



"I stumbled across your site and have already forwarded it to my local association."

~Jenna, California


"Your website is a one-stop-shop for good marketing ideas. It's very well done and very informative."

~Meg, Texas


"I really enjoy your weekly articles."

~Darla, Alabama


"Thanks for all the great info - I learned a lot."

~Ann, West Virginia


"I've recently discovered your website and find the information to be well presented and useful."

~Tonella, New York


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